About Us


 About Us

ANCOP International Canada, Inc. is a duly registered Canadian charity dedicated to uplift the lives of poor families in developing countries through shelter, child education, and humanitarian relief. We aim to restore the poor’s hope and dignity, organizing them into sustainable and self-reliant communities through livelihood assistance, values formation, and community empowerment.

Currently we operate in the Philippines, India, Indonesia and several countries in Africa including Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda. We are primarily supported by donation from individuals, groups, and corporate partners.

ANCOP, an acronym for “Answer the Cry Of the Poor”, is a non-profit founded by Couples for Christ (CFC).  CFC is a global lay organization recognized by Vatican for its work on the renewal and strengthening of Christian family life and values. It is present in over 100 countries around the world.

Our Vision

In bringing Christ’s transforming love to the poor, ANCOP Canada envisions “A poor child and family blessed, and a blessing to transformed communities.”

  • A world where the poor is embraced and cared for
  • A world where every child is formed to be caring and loving, and responsible citizen
  • A world where children and communities improve their well-being, and
  • A world where the joy of Christ’s transforming love is experienced and fulfilled

Key Result Areas

To achieve its strategic goals, and move toward realizing the organization’s longer term vision of success, ANCOP Canada has the following Key Result Areas:

  • Excellent Programs for the Poor
  • Enthusiastic Couples for Christ (CFC) Participation
  • Responsive Partnerships
  • Effective Marketing Communications
  • Effective Governance

Our Mission

Answering the cry of the poor

We are ANCOP…

  • We answer the cry of the poor through effective child education and community development programs, anchored on values formation.
  • We develop partnerships that together achieve a shared vision, and sharing of resources for the poor.
  • We generate a cadre of volunteers, witnessing to the ideals of loving God and neighbor, and putting faith into action.
  • We effectively communicate our work, generating awareness and interest on the plight of the poor, spurring a meaningful response to their needs.
  • We help transform the lives of poor children & their families, helping restore hope and dignity.
Meet the Team

Our team is composed of only a few employees, but also joining them are many generous volunteers from across Canada who offer their time, talent, and treasure to help us answer the cry of the poor.

Get to know us

How We Work

We work alongside ANCOP in the Philippines as the top supporter and financial contributor to the mission. Our offices span across Canada from Toronto (our Canadian headquarters) to Calgary, Regina, Ft. McMurray, and Vancouver. We are greatly supported by Couples for Christ and its family ministries, and our partners, in all of our fundraising efforts. And of course, none of this would be possible without the grace of God, and the generosity of all our donors and supporters.

Email info[at]ancopcanada.org for more information