ANCOP Brampton Holds a Blessed Tennis Tournament

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ANCOP Brampton Holds a Blessed Tennis Tournament

Brampton ANCOP Tennis Tournament 2017

God is so good. He constantly showed us that He was in control in the last Brampton ANCOP Tennis Tournament held July 23rd.



We were concerned of the weather because the forecast was rain, yet not a single rain drop fell.  We were concerned of players not showing up due to the weather forecast, but about 50 players came. We were concerned that we would run out of food to feed the players and members, yet food came in abundance.


The tennis tournament and picnic was blessed. Everyone went home with a full stomach, sun burn, memories of fun and smiles on their faces.

Thank you Lord for your generosity and to all the Tennis Group members around the GTA headed by Mr. Ray Mahadeo, President of Malton Tennis Club (invited by our Brampton member, Bro Arnel/Sis Laura Vicente).

Thank you Brampton….. you prayed, you planned, you shared, you donated and most importantly, ALL came as one proud ANCOP supporters.

The tournament raised $1,300, proceeds will go towards Brampton’s ANCOP scholars (Abbygail Delos Reyes, Josef Valvdevia & Angelica Ortega).

Submitted by : Coco – Div Santiago




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