ANCOP Canada Scholar Graduates Cum Laude – Sienna Mae, a Girl with a Grateful Heart

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ANCOP Canada Scholar Graduates Cum Laude – Sienna Mae, a Girl with a Grateful Heart
Sienna Mae Galit_Cum laude

ANCOP Canada Scholar Graduates Cum Laude – Sienna Mae

ANCOP Canada congratulates Sienna Mae Galit, a BS Psychology student from La Concepcion College in Metro Manila, Philippines for receiving a Cum Laude distinction during their commencement exercise last April 2017.

Sienna Mae Galit is a proud Scholar of ANCOP Canada since her high school years.

She is the 4th child of the 7 children of Pompio, a driver and Maria Liliosa, a housewife.

ANCOP Canada is instrumental in providing Sienna Mae her basic allowance and tuition fees as she completes her degree.

ANCOP Canada requested for a short interview with Sienna for which she gladly accepted.

(In this short interview, Sienna expresses her gratitude to God and her sponsors. We pray that our scholars continue to become a blessing for their family and to their community. – Editor’s note.)


ANCOP: Kindly share your inspirations in your studies?

Sienna Mae:  My inspirations are the heroes of the faith in the Bible especially Daniel whose excellence is to be admired during his youth days, my sponsor and her family, my family especially my father who did everything just to support us financially.

ANCOP: To whom do you dedicate this achievement?

Sienna Mae: I dedicate this achievement to our LORD Jesus Christ who made all these things possible, to ANCOP Scholarship (especially to my sponsor) and to my family.

ANCOP: How can you describe your experience working towards this achievement?

Sienna Mae: I never thought I could have this kind of achievement because I was struggling about how can I overcome the adversities of being a student.  It was a hard one but the LORD was there. I know HE has been with me. To HIM alone be the glory!

ANCOP:  If you were to speak to fellow Scholars, what would you tell them?

Sienna Mae: Always say,  “thank you” to whom we are indebted to.  To our LORD, ANCOP Scholarship and to our family.

ANCOP:  If you were to speak to your Donor, what would you tell them?

Sienna Mae: Thank you so much for allowing the LORD to use you as an instrument for me to achieve my dreams. Thank you for everything! GOD knows how much I am grateful to Him because of you. The LORD will surely bless you and your family.

ANCOP Canada through its Child Sponsorship Program continues to support over 3500 Scholars in Philippines, India and African countries like Kenya, Nigeria and the recently opened ANCOP Site in Moshi, Tanzania. Everyday, ANCOP Canada makes a difference in the lives of these children.

Be part of ANCOP by being an ANCOP Donor. For more information on how to Sponsor a Child, please click here.



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