ANCOP Sponsor Meets Up with their ANCOP Scholar

Posted Monday May 01, 2017 by admin

ANCOP Sponsor Meets Up with their ANCOP Scholar


IMG20170314131204[1]Gil Trinos – CSP Head East B – wearing Ancop Global Work shirt
Ed ( wearing gray) and Leoni Naco ( wearing green CFC Anniversary shirt) – PIT East B

Last March 12, 2017, Ricky and Delia Mendoza of Calgary took time to meet up with their scholar, Ma. Francine de Guzman of San Mateo, Rizal and the experience was memorable.

“….we had a great vacation and visit to our dear Francine. I was so happy to meet her and her family at their house. With God’s grace and mercy, we hope and pray Francine will be able to finish her studies. She is the bright future of her family. I can sense her dedication in her studies and kindness as a person that made me inspired supporting her. I started helping her since November 2013….”

We hope all sponsors can have time with their scholars when they visit the Philippines and share the transforming love to their families!



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