ANCOP Summit 2017 :: Celebrating Success

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ANCOP Summit 2017 :: Celebrating Success

This is Part 2 of a 3-part Series. October 21, 2017


Packed with a lot of activities, Day 2 started early at 8:30 am, with a song teaching.

As some delegates just arrived, the morning fellowship took some time to settle down.

The rest of the participants arrived from as far as Windsor and Ottawa, both 5-6 hour drive to Hamilton. Regina and Winnipeg arrived late Friday night and was able to rest to be early for Day 2.

Joining the Area Coordinators were the National Council represented by Bro Francis and Sis Jessie Yap and Bro Russell and Sis Menchie Nazareno, the GTA Area Governance Teams led by Bro Reuel and Sis Owen Robrigado, Bro Rico and Sis Gina Tingin, Bro Toti and Sis Emma Quijano.

The Hamilton Area Governance Team, hosts for the weekend was also well represented with Bro Eric Dimaculangan, Bro Ed Gonzalez, Bro Ouel and Sis Arlyn Gardon, Bro Noriel Ramos and Bro Alex and Sis Ester Beley.

It was a packed parish hall, having at its peak close to 85 participants!

The Opening Worship led by Hamilton Area Music Min head, Eman Castillo, was a great indication that the love for the poor is not a monopoly of the CFC but also of our next generation! Way to go – our youth!



Bro Ricky Cuenca once again welcomed the new delegates with a resounding question “Are you happy to be here?”. His explanation of his current role and position as both IC and ANCOP Canada President was welcomed positively as he can help both ANCOP globally including the current ties we have with ANCOP USA. Bro Ricky in fact will be taking the “Loving the Poor” Seminar to the US on October 28.

Bro Ricky continued his presentation with a President’s Report.  It was full of good news as he described 2017 as a “Banner Year”.  The accomplishments of ANCOP Walk 2017, breaking all records from registration, donations and sponsorships was a result of the previous events from the ANCOP National Awareness Campaign, the Loving the Poor Seminars, the ANCOP Walk Kick Offs leading to the preparation done for ANCOP Walk.

An early lunch indicated a rather packed second third of Saturday.  The next sessions on a review of 2017 Personal and ANCOP goals and sharing of 2018 Personal Goals were made.  The participants were able to share their area goals with some touching already aspects of best practices.


The function heads took the floor, sharing their personal goals to answer the Key Result Area (KRA) they were tasked to accomplish.  Marketing, which answers KRA 3 “Effective Partnership” was delivered by Bro Gabby Consulta. He showed the results of the Pre-work done by the areas rating themselves against all the 5 other KRAs.  Gabby mentioned that events  need to have more focus on high impact results with very minimal efforts.

Bro Junnie Arreza presented how KRA 4 “Effective Communications” led us to where we are now using Social media channels and offline materials that effectively tell a story.



Sis Pilar Dimaculangan, presented how KRA 1 “Excellent Programs” resulted to some areas exhibiting great results in their CSP and CDP programs.  Bro Dan and Sis Leni Gutierrez, closed the presentation to show KRA 5, “Effective Governance” – with the results of the ANCOP Walk and how we have taken steps to diligently prepare well for the walk, and having the results tallied as quickly as possible.

Before the team went to Mass, Peachy post a question “In what areas, can Head Office support the achievement of ANCOP Goals?”.  Colorful post-its were given individually to come up with “Wish List” per department. This Meta Plan process allows for focus on what can be done to help and support the areas determining which are “need to do” vis-à-vis “nice to have”.  The boards of all 5 departments were easily filled up with actionable items that can be addressed to help deliver the much-needed results in 2018.

Mass was heard at 5 PM, with the 60 or so participants joining the rest of the Annunciation of our Lord community in celebration of the Eucharist.

Upon coming back, several group workshops were conducted by Bro Greg Forbes.

The night will not be complete without the sumptuous meal which was used to also have a venue for recognizing Areas which stood out in the delivery and performance of their Key Results Areas.


Four areas were adjudged as Rising Stars, Hamilton (Overall), Regina and Saskatoon (CDP) and Victoria (CSP)

Bro Greg Forbes, made a surprise announcement, giving all the participants an early night off at 8:00 PM.

This afforded for most of the participants to be with their hosts and have some quality time to bond.


Two areas retained their awards from 2016. One of them Calgary has maintained its reign for the Most Number of New CSP DonorPilar also launched the last campaign for the year, “Give Love On Christmas” which excited all Area Coordinators as it allows for them to have new tools to reach their targets for CSP.


Mission Ready Awards were given to 2 areas who helped open new ANCOP Walk locations : Winnipeg opened Brandon and Edmonton opened Central Alberta










Read Day 3, the Last Day Here

Other Awardees included:

ANCOP Walk Special Awards:

  • Excellence in Cumulative 3-Year Growth – Regina
  • Excellence in Growth – Registration – Victoria
  • Excellence in Growth – Donations – Lethbridge
  • Rookies of the Year    – Central Alberta and Brandon

CSP Awards:

  • Excellence in CSP Impact  – Windsor
  • Excellence in New Child Sponsorships – Toronto
  • Excellence in New Donors – Calgary

CDP Awards:

  • Excellence in CDP Impact – Winnipeg
  • Start Up Award – GTA (Mississauga West)

Special Awards:

  • Accounting Award – Winnipeg
  • Innovation Award  – Calgary
  • Mission Ready Award – Edmonton and Winnipeg
  • Partnership – Bukas Loob sa Diyos
  • Rising Stars – Regina / Saskatoon (CDP), Victoria (CSP) and Hamilton (Overall)



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