ANCOP Walk 2017 Launched in Fort McMurray

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ANCOP Walk 2017 Launched in Fort McMurray

A year after the wildfire devastation, our brethren in Fort McMurray  have expressed hope that life would soon return to normal.  This was the feeling of those who attended the launching of the  2017 ANCOP Walk  held on June 10, 2017 at the Meeting Room of St. Paul’s R.C. Church.  CFC HH leaders led by Bro. Ed and Sis. Linda de Borja, Area Director, a HOLD Coordinator, Youth Couple Coordinator and 15 CFC Youth were present to welcome the visit of Greg Parillas, ANCOP Area Coordinator of  Edmonton, who gave the  talks on the ANCOP’s KRAs, “Caring for the Person In Need” and the 2017 ANCOP Walk presentation.

The CFC Youth, particularly those  who were born in Canada, were touched  by the story of Elijah Cuevas, an ANCOP Canada scholar from the video “In the Grip of Poverty”.  And everyone was  impressed to see the video on the 400  ANCOP houses awarded to the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda. 

After the whole presentation, Greg Parillas emphasized the need to start campaigning for the ANCOP Walk in Fort McMurray  which will be held on August 19, 2017.  Ed de Borja  started the campaign by registering and giving donation online and  urged  other leaders to register as well either online or offline.  The Walk will be held in the downtown district starting from  St. John the Baptist R.C. Church  towards the Government Provincial Building.

Ed de Borja hopes that the 2017 ANCOP Walk will be much different from last year’s walk.  He expects more participation  from  CFC and Family Ministry members  as well as more support from non-CFC donors and sponsors. 

Reported by Greg Parillas

Fort Mac ANCOP Walk Launch 2017

The leaders of CFC Fort McMurray, led by Ed and Linda de Borja (in blue CFC T-shirt, middle) posed after the launching of the  2017 ANCOP Walk  at St. Paul’s R. C. Church Meeting Room on June 10, 2017.  



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