CFC ANCOP Windsor Getting Stronger on its 3rd ANCOP Walk!

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CFC ANCOP Windsor Getting Stronger on its 3rd ANCOP Walk!

ANCOP Walk Windsor, 2017 kicked off on Sunday, August 27, 2017 at Bert Weeks Memorial Gardens, Riverfront Trail, Windsor, Ontario. This is the third straight year that ANCOP Walk is held in Windsor with almost 100 volunteers from around Windsor together with friends and families from Toronto and neighboring cities in Michigan.


From previous years, we started the walk from the West side of the trail, but this time we set up tents, tables, flags, banners and lawn signs from the East side near the curb to increase visibility and reach out to the most number of people with the end goal of increasing awareness and rallying the public to support ANCOP.

The program officially started at 9:00 am with the opening prayer from Bro. Gerome Villegas, followed by the singing of Canadian National Anthem. Windsor Mission Head, Bro Vic Mangaser did the welcome address and thank all who came and joined this worthy cause. He encouraged everyone to continuously support ANCOP, transform the lives of poor children and their families and help restore hope and dignity.

An exciting warm up exercise was led by Sis Magelle Calit who asked everyone to follow her latest dance steps to the tune of a lively “Beyonce” music. All the participants were all in their feet trying to follow all the steps and it was indeed a great way to start the long 4 kilometers walk.

Bro Ceasar and Sis Jovi Cahoy who were also our Master of Ceremonies for the program, led the walk with our official ANCOP Banner. Followed by YFC with Bro. Ramil & Sis Grace Lasala, SFC with Bro Exodus & Sis Magelle Calit, KFC with Bro Roger & Sis Maia Perez,


HOLD with Sis Betsy Rosete & Sis Edna Tungcul and HH of Bro Roy & Sis Anette Galleposo, Bro Leudy & Sis Dolor Torres, Bro Boboy & Sis Bing Napigkit with their respective ANCOP Banners and Placards. For Guests and Walk In’s the group was led by Bro Momoy & Sis Irma Asumen.


We carried the banners and the signs and chanted lively slogans such as ANCOP LOVE MORE, ANSWERING THE CRY OF THE POOR AND MANY MORE as we walk the 4 kilometer trail to let people know about ANCOP and increase awareness about the plight of the poor and the need to rally support from the public. Bro Ceasar also took ANCOP flyers and placed them on the car windshield of park goers. Some CFC-Youth for Christ volunteers & sis Nila – Handmaids of the Lord (HOLD), approached people along the trail and hand over ANCOP flyers as well and encouraged them to read the flyers.


While the program was going on, a curious passerby asked one of our sisters “What is going on? Sister Irma approached the man and she received the $ 20 donation and the man said, “I am giving the money for your good cause”. This is one of the many reasons why we are doing the walk to let the people know that we care for our brothers and sisters especially for the poor. We “Walk in Love” which is the theme for 2017 ANCOP walk. We walk together in Love for the poor!



It took us more than an hour to reach the finish but it’s all worth it. We had snacks followed by a raffle for 10 pcs of Tim Hortons Gift Certificates donated by Bro Rick & Joy Sala. Gift items were also given to Early bird winners courtesy of the Vistaprint-Windsor, Shoppers’s Drugmart(Ottawa Street), Metro(Central), Food Basics(Goyeau),FASIAN Cuisine, Marukin Sushi & Restaurant, Bro Ceasar & Sis Jovy Cahoy, Bro Leudy & sis Dolor Torres. Ditas Carpio of Hey Philippines provided the granola bars and water/juices from Sis Anette and HOLD-Windsor.


Bro Jun Clarito, CFC/ANCOP Missionary to Africa, India, Tanzania did a sharing of their work with the poor in Kenya. He thanked all the who joined and participated in the walk. ANCOP brings meaningful lives for poor children. We as members of Couples for Christ are “Faith in Action” God inspires us of his Love and Compassion especially for the poor. He mentioned about the long lines of poor children who need our help, let us continuously support ANCOP.

We closed the walk by a closing prayer led by Bro Leudy Torres

Thank you to all the sponsors of ANCOP Walk. Thanks to the Administration of Park and Recreation office through Miss Aida Cabrera and Charmaine Valbuena, for allowing us to use the Park. Thank you to non-CFC in attendance, from El Shaddai, employees from Vista Print ,friends and families from Windsor, La Salle and neighboring Michigan. Thank you to Darlene Dunn Mahler from the office of MP Brian Masse who provided us with the flaglets in commemoration of Canada’s 150th anniversary
Thanks for the support of CFC Toronto: Bro Jun Clarito – CFC/ANCOP Missionary to Africa, India, Tanzania, Bro Vic and Sis Lau Mangaser – Windsor Mission Head, Bro Dan Gutierrez – ANCOP Finance, Bro Fred Quinto, Bro Jing De Leon – volunteer designer for ANCOP and wife Sis Tess De Leon and Bro. Henjie – Full time worker from Vancouver/New Brunswick.

CSC_2815We also would like to thank all of you who contributed and solicited funds for ANCOP. Special thanks to those who did Birthday Fundraising for ANCOP; Bro Enrique Sala last April, 30, 2017 and Sis Sharon Salvador last August 12, 2017. They encourage their guests to donate to ANCOP instead of getting gifts and turned over the proceeds to the ANCOP Walk. Thank you to our brothers and sisters in CFC with their family and friends who generously contributed with this birthday fundraising for ANCOP. Last but not the least, our special thanks to our friend, Mary Ann Pineda RMT, Restore Massage Therapy & Wellness Clinic, for her unwavering support and commitment as this is her second year of donating $5.00 for every customer booked for Massage for the months of July and August.

Thank you and to God be the Glory!

Text By Gerome Villegas  and Photos by Jefferson Maramag CFC Windsor for ANCOP Canada



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