An Evening to Remember – ANCOP Calgary Stages a Successful Benefit Concert

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An Evening to Remember – ANCOP Calgary Stages a Successful Benefit Concert

Featuring Joey Albert & Ray-An Fuentes, September 16, 2017 at Jack Singer Concert Hall (Downtown Calgary)


The elegant concert place “Jack Singer Hall” in downtown Calgary was packed as people expected to hear their old favorite songs. It’s almost 15 years since Joey Albert had her performance in Calgary.
Prior to the show, the generous sponsors were featured in a slide show to recognize and appreciate their support for this concert. The concert opened with the video of Ancop kids singing the Philippine and Canadian national anthems. This was followed by a video showing projects and sharing of the families and children helped by ANCOP with a call to sponsor a child at the end.

The talented Ms. Laurie Callao from Calgary rendered the opening act. She sang 2 songs one of which is an original composition by Bro Carlos Perez entitled “Love More”. She encouraged everyone to share and give more to the poor.

And of course, the most awaited show opened with a vibrant duet from Joey Albert & Ray-An Fuentes. This is what the audience eagerly looked forward to.



The Joey Albert and Ray-An Fuentes benefit concert was full of nostalgia. Their voices were powerful and still the same. Who is getting old? In tagalog, ‘walang kupas’. As they say, “a seasoned wine tastes better as they age.”

They were later joined by Ray-An’s son and daughter, Julio and Daniela as their back-up singers. Both of them had their solo rendition of newer songs. You should hear their voices. So powerful and very promising.

The theme of the concert is ‘Journey of our Life’ (their life as a singer). It was very entertaining especially when Joey did some audience participation like karaoke. The pride of CFC Calgary, Sis. Pam Tadifa was voted unanimously to have a duet with Joey on stage. The song was a Joey Albert hit ‘Points of View’. Their voices blended so well. They got a score of 99. Wow!

The audience participated by singing and dancing with Joey & Ray-An songs. Joey had a rendition of songs from movie theme songs like Sa ‘Yo Lamang, Tell Me, Points of View etc. Ray-An performed Motown songs. A very good combination with variety of music, they complement each other. As they say in tagalog, “Swak na Swak”.


Later, Julio and Daniela told the audience that the two of them will sing newer songs together and Joey proudly joined. She said ‘kayang kaya’ to the delight of the crowd. The finale of the show was when the 4 of them sang a medley of Earth, Wind and Fire hits. This brought the house down as everybody stood up to clap, sing, dance, took pictures and lots of selfies.

It was an evening to remember, a powerful 3 hour show. Everybody was delighted and happy with the concert.

The artists inspired the audience as both of them are believers. Joey being a three-time cancer survivor expressed her faith that God led her to continue her career. Ray-An shared that he left show business in 1988 at the height of his career to answer God’s call. He is now a pastor of Word International Ministries. He sang a very emotional love song between him and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Truly, Calgary was honoured and fortunate to have them both. As the ANCOP concert gives hope to the poor, the 2 artists touched the audience by the sharing of their faith telling everyone that nothing is impossible with our Lord Jesus Christ.


There was a photo session in the lobby with the 2 artists at the end of the concert.  Those who wish to see and download their pictures can go to this link of the concert photographer, Glenn Oblea.
We thank the Calgary ANCOP Core team for giving their time, talent, energy and treasure for this event. It was eight months in the making. The task of bringing this concert to fruition was challenging but the team triumphantly stormed all the obstacles, conflicting schedules, selling of tickets, sponsor solicitations, entertaining and accommodating our artists and their crew members, etc.

The Lord made the concert a success. All praise and glory belong to Him!

Another concert in the making? Stay tuned!



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