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2016 Holy Cross Mission :: Saying Goodbye is Always the Hardest

After two weeks immersing in ANCOP villages, the most difficult time has come.  The Holy Cross contingent has grown close to the home partners of AKC and of course AVANAI that saying goodbye will prove to be the hardest.  For the last two days, there were so much sharing of oneself,  including sharing talents. This last photo blog will show the bond that has been forged and the gratitude of the beneficiaries for the time well spent with them.

2016 Holy Cross Mission :: The Reunion

It was a great reunion for Wendy Beauchamp and the recipients of the Tessa Beauchamp Foundation Scholar Sponsorships. The foundation was in honor of Wendy’s daughter, Tessa. It aims to help whenever and wherever the family could. One of their plans was to sponsor children from the Philippines.

2016 Holy Cross Mission :: The Team Has Landed

Thirty-six students from Holy Cross High School of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada are back for their Holy Cross Mission Trip 2016. They are accompanied by five members of the Holy Cross faculty and Fr. Patrick Tepoorten, pastor of the Immaculate Conception Parish in Delta, British Columbia.

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