An Easter Message from Our President (2015)

Dear brethren and friends of ANCOP,

Happy Easter!

“He is risen!” Today, as Christians, we celebrate an event that is central to our faith – the day of the Risen Lord!  As we reflect on Jesus’s sufferings and glorious resurrection, we are reminded of our own Lenten journey and hope for life eternal.

To be true disciple of Christ demands fidelity and obedience on our part of what Jesus has set as an example – to die to ourselves so that others may live.

Our Holy Father exemplifies a life of humility, simplicity, and love and service for the poor.  In his words, “We cannot proclaim the Gospel without the cross of Christ.”

This Easter season, let us commit to take on Pope Francis’s preferential posture towards the poor. With unwavering resolve, let us LOVE MORE our neighbor – the needy, the oppressed, the deprived, those victimized by unfair practices, and those affected by natural calamities.

Let us look at Christ’s transformation from suffering to glory as a model of our effort to help uplift the poor from their impoverished state to a transformed life. As the poor are blessed they, too become a blessing to their community.

This is the mission of ANCOP. For you and me, this is our personal calling – we must answer the cry of the poor!

In Christ,


Ricky Cuenca
ANCOP International (Canada)