ANCOP Champion visits CFC-Ancop Tambuli Village in Villa Leonora

CLARENCE MAGPANTAY, of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

This guy stayed in this town from July 25, 2019 until he left for Canada today. He immersed himself at the CFC-Ancop Tambuli Village in Villa Leonora, Buguey to conduct interviews in connection with his Masteral Thesis entitled: ” The Call to the Filipino Diaspora: Local Development Through Transnational Process”. He is currently taking up his Masters Degree in Human Geography at the York University in Toronto.

Clarence lived with the Ancop families ate with them, and shared their joys, their laughter and their unselfish attitude and their generosity. He ate whatever was offered to him. He had his own room at the Ancop administration office but his needs were provided by CFC and the beneficiaries.

Clarence was born in Manila but was raised in Canada. He speaks Tagalog. His two-week stay in Ancop gave him the experience about what is the real life of the poor. He went fishing with the husbands and learned the art of oyster shocking. (Ilocano: agsulib ti tirem) Earlier, he was at the Ancop site in Paniqui, Tarlac where he also enjoyed every moment of his stay there.

He said he will furnish his observations and the result of his on-site study to the CFC_Ancop of Mississauga West, Ontario, Canada who donated 35 units of row houses to the poorest families.

Thank you Clarence for your stay with us. Come again next time.

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