ANCOP Walk (Canada)

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What is ANCOP Walk?

The ANCOP Walk is a global annual event of ANCOP that raises funds for its SHELTER, CHILD SPONSORSHIP, and HUMANITARIAN RELIEF programs. It is faith in action! Individuals and groups participate in the walk, generously giving donations or helping solicit funds for ANCOP.  Kids, youth, adults, and seniors join together to walk for the poor and rally the public to support the cause.

In Canada, the ANCOP Walk is conducted simultaneously in various locations around the country.  For 2018, all of the walks will be held in August. Nineteen cities and areas in Canada are expected to participate: Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor and Hamilton in Ontario; Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler in British Columbia; Montreal in Quebec; Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Camrose, Lloydminster and Fort McMurray in Alberta; Saskatoon and Regina in Saskatchewan;  Winnipeg and Brandon in Manitoba and Yellowknife in the Northern Territories! A 20th city is planning its walk for 2018 – Bermuda!

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can take part in the ANCOP Walk?

The walk is open to everyone.  You must also be up for the challenge of walking a distance of 4 kilometers or so, and willing to help generate resources for your sponsorship. Those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

How much do I need to raise?

We encourage you to set yourself a personal target. That’s the great thing! Every amount you raise goes to your credit. You can also set up specific targets as follows:

  • $ 456 sponsors a child’s education for 1 year
  • $ 4,560 sponsors a batch of 10 children
  • $ 4,500 builds 1 house
  • $ 45,000 builds a village of 10 houses (minimum for 1 village) 

If you need help in setting up your target, speak to an ANCOP representative in your area.

How do I learn more about becoming a sponsor?

Speak to your Area ANCOP Coordinator or contact Pilar Dimaculangan at


Registration for ANCOP Walk 2018   is now open!


How do I participate in the ANCOP Walk?

You can participate as an individual with your personal target of sponsorship.  You can also form a team, act as team captain, and recruit members to walk and raise funds to reach your target. Or, you may join an existing team.  When you register, try searching for this team by entering the first few letters of the team’s name.  If not, contact the team captain so you can be added to the list.

How do I register?


Online registration is fast and you will have access to tools and tips to help you reach your fundraising goals. Upon registration, you will get a webpage that you can personalize with your story, picture, and videos.  You will also be able to track your donors and fundraising progress.

If you need step by step procedures to register, download the instructions here Doing Online Fund Raising in 15 Easy Steps


Download the form here (link form).  Be sure to fill out the form legibly and provide your complete contact information. Submit the form along with your payment to your local ANCOP Walk coordinator or, mail it to ANCOP’s head office:

       ANCOP International (Canada), Inc.
      Unit 3 – 418 Hanlan Road
      Vaughan, Ontario  L4L 4Z1

Student registration is for manual entry.  Please submit registration form and payment to your ANCOP Walk coordinator or mail to ANCOP’s head office.

How much is the registration fee?

Early bird registration fee is $20.00 for adults and $10.00 for students (13 to 18 years of age) until June 30. After that, registration fee for adults is $25.00 until the day of the walk.

Online registration accepts VISA, Mastercard, and AMEX.  You will receive an email confirmation that serves as your receipt.

Offline registration maybe paid in cash or by cheque.  Cheques should be payable to ‘ANCOP International Canada, Inc.‘  Please make sure that you write ‘ANCOP Walk registration fee’ and your name in the memo or at back of the cheque.

Note that the registration fee is not entitled to a tax receipt.

Who can I contact for help with online registration?

Please contact your local Ancop Walk coordinator or email

Can I change my username or password?

Usernames cannot be changed. You can change your password by signing in. At the top of the page, click on Profile. On the left click on Change Password.

I didn’t receive an email confirmation of my registration.

The email may have gone into your spam or junk mail.

Please add to your address books.  Log in using your username and password. Click on Profile and confirm your email address.

 I registered as an individual walker but now I want to form a team.

Sign in using your username and password. Click on Team. Click Form or Join A Team


When registered, you’ll get your own fundraising page that will enable you to track your fundraising progress. You can give people access to your page by sending them the link through a fundraising email directly from the website. You can also make use of  Social Media links accessible online – easy and fun!

What is a Personal Page?

It is an online webpage that highlights a participant’s fundraising effort. This is automatically created to allow you to share information about yourself, why you are walking, and for your donors to make secure online donations on your behalf.  It can be personalized by customizing content with your photos, videos, text, and more.

What is a Team Page?

It is an online webpage that highlights a team’s fundraising effort. Team Captains manage this page, and only they are able to make changes or customize the content and images.

How do I fundraise using my webpage?

Go to Fundraising and click Get Sponsors.  Choose from two options how you will do your campaign: Send emails or Share with Social Media Sites.

Is there a limit to the number of emails that I can send through my webpage?

No. You can send as many emails that you want.

Can I upload my address book from Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo to my webpage?

Yes.  To upload your contact list,  select the get sponsors icon under your Fundraising Hub.

  • click on the address book image (just above and to the right of the To field). This will open the Add New Contact window.
  • select Import Contacts
  • select the email program you want to import from
  • sign in to your email account
  • select the contacts you want to import and click next
  • your contacts will be imported
  • select the contacts you want to send messages to or click the X to close the address book

 I can view my personal or team page, however, my donors can’t when they click on the Donate Now button on the Walk page. Can this be fixed?

  • For personal pages: Login using your username and password. Click on the Profile tab. Under Edit Contact Information, scroll down and be sure to check the box for Allow the general public to sponsor you. Click Submit.
  • For team pages: Team Captains should login using your username and password to the Participant Portal. Click on the Team tab. Click on Edit Team Info and be sure to check the box for Allow the general public to search my team and view fundraising.

I forgot my username and password, how do I reset it?

Go back to login page, area click on Forgot username and password. Enter the information requested. For username assistance please enter your email address where it is indicated. For password assistance please enter your username where it is indicated. We will send you instructions on how to reactivate your account.


How do I register my team?

You register your team by selecting Create a Team. The person who creates the team will automatically become the Team Captain.

How do I join a team?

You join a team by selecting Join a Team in the registration process. Please confirm with your Team Captain that your team is already registered prior to joining online.

I joined the wrong team, how can this be corrected? 

Please email

How do I invite people to join my team? 

From your Home page, click Recruit Friends or click Team, then click on Recruit Team Members

What is the role of the Team Captain?

The Team Captain’s role is very important. He leads and motivates the team members to go out and campaign for public support and solicit funds. He is responsible for:

  • recruiting team members
  • setting fundraising goal and leading the members to plan how to achieve this goal
  • acting as liaison for the team with the Area ANCOP Coordinator
  • communicating with the team all event information and updates
  • customizing Team Page and using it to sustain the team’s enthusiasm to campaign for funds
  • following up with team members regularly
  • collecting completed Pledge forms for submission to the local ANCOP Walk coordinator or to ANCOP head office
  • planning the team’s theme and props during the walk
  • ensuring that the team members arrive promptly in the site and participate fully in the activities


 How do I download the pledge form?

Log in to your account to have a pre-populated donation form emailed to you.

  • From your Home page, click on Fundraising
  • Click on Download Forms
  • Click on Email Pledge Form and the form will be emailed to you

How to check donations made to your team

Log in to your account

  • Click on Fundraising on the left side
  • Click on Manage Sponsor (under Fundraising)
  • Scroll down, you will see My Sponsors

What do I do with cash donations?

  • Cash and cheque donations should go with a manually completed pledge form. These should be submitted to the local ANCOP Coordinator preferably before or on the day of the ANCOP Walk.
  • Multiple donations may be covered by a single check, however, please make sure that you attach a pledge form with complete details of the donations and donors’ info. (to check with Dario)


Do you issue tax receipts?

Yes.  Donations of $20 or more will be issued tax receipt (Canadian residents only) provided donors submit complete contact information including their name, mailing address, phone, and their email address (to facilitate prompt and faster issuance of tax receipt).  These must be clearly printed in the form to ensure correctness of information.

When are income tax receipts sent out?

Donations of $20 or more made online will generate outright an electronic tax receipt.  This goes to the donor’s email. Cash and cheque donations will be receipted no later than February 28th of the following year.

I received in my email a tax receipt for my online donation but I cannot open it. Why is this?

Electronic income tax receipts are sent in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer you will not be able to open the attachment. You can download Adobe here. (link

Who do I contact if I haven’t received my income tax receipt?

If you haven’t received an income tax receipt by end of February the next year, please email


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