Back to Back ANCOP Walk Launch Events in New Walk Areas in Alberta (Part 2)

In the last 15 stagings of the ANCOP Walk, the province of Alberta has shown the biggest number of walk locations with the consistent participation of Calgary, Edmonton, Fort MacMurray and Lethbridge. Last year, Central Alberta was represented by Red Deer and this year, Camrose and Lloydminster will be walking for the first time. Both areas had their ANCOP Walk 2018 launch this month. Bro Greg Parillas, ANCOP Area Coordinator for Edmonton and who missions to both Central Alberta and Lloydminster, documented both successful events:

Part 1: June 2 in Lloydminster launch is here.

Part 2: June 16 in Camrose

The 2018 ANCOP Walk Launching in Central Alberta was held on June 16, 2018 at the Norsemen Inn, Camrose, Alberta  from 4 pm to 7 pm.  CFC members from 5 areas namely: Red  Deer, Ponoka, Sylvan Lake, Lacombe and Camrose gathered as one big family bringing joy and excitement as they listened to the ANCOP video presentations and talk  of Greg Parillas, ANCOP Coordinator for Edmonton and Mission Areas.  Due to work schedule, CFC members from  Innisfail were not able to come but expressed their participation this year  in the much awaited ANCOP Walk in  Camrose, Alberta.
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Jojo Molina, Chapter Leader for Central Alberta, led the opening prayer and later exhorted the audience to be more excited this time being the second year of the ANCOP Walk in Central Alberta.  He challenged the members to work harder in order to meet the goal assigned to the area and to disseminate the noble works of ANCOP to non-CFC members.  Eric and Beverly Apostol, CFC Household leaders in Camrose officially opened the launching of the 2018 ANCOP Walk which will be held on August 18, 2018Saturday, from 9 am to 12 noon at the Mirror Lake Park, Camrose, Alberta.
A non-CFC family with home business in Camrose attended  the presentation and expressed their support to the ANCOP Walk in Camrose. After the Q & A portion, the event ended with a closing prayer led by Gerry Saavedra, a Household Leader from Red Deer, Alberta.
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