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Greg Parillas


Greg has been at the helm of the ANCOP Canada board since 2012. He is the national director of CFC Canada and sits in the national council also as chairman.

Currently Greg works as senior accountant at Wenzel Downhole Tools Ltd, in Edmonton, Alberta.

Previously in the Philippines, he was a staff auditor at Sycip, Gorres, Velayo & Co (SGV) an auditing firm. He had also worked as finance manager of Arms Coporation. In addition, he had been a chief accountant in a pelletizing plant in Bahrain for 9 years. Greg is a certified public accountant, and holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in commerce major in accounting.

Greg’s involvement with ANCOP stems from his desire to make a difference in the lives of the poor especially those who cannot afford to send their children to school. Being raised in a poor family himself, he knows very well how important it is to get a good education. For Greg and his wife Tess this is their way of sharing their blessings to others in need.


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Noli Arzadon


Noli has been ANCOP Canada board’s treasurer since 2013. He is vice-president of CFC Canada national council, and regional head of CFC western Canada.  He oversees CFC north western Europe as regional coordinator and is the country coordinator of CFC-UK.

Noli works as tax compliance officer with Canada Revenue Agency. 

For over 35 years, Noli had worked in various accounting and management services firms and financial institutions holding top management positions. He is a certified public accountant.  Noli is also a certified career planning and development practitioner; he completed the program in Douglas College, BC.  He obtained his master’s degree in management at the Asian Institute of Management in the Philippines.

Noli and his wife Beth have been involved in ANCOP since 1989. For them, the poor have been with them for as long as they can remember and have witnessed how the latter’s plight continues and worsens. They believe that the materially blessed could do something. They have been supporting efforts to help alleviate poverty on a personal capacity and through ANCOP.

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Ricky Cuenca

President, Member

Ricky has been back in the ANCOP board since he assumed presidency of ANCOP Canada in 2014. He was board chairman in 2007-2010, and was also president in 2003-2007.

Currently Ricky works full time with ANCOP Canada overseeing the operation and fundraising efforts of ANCOP all over Canada.

Ricky left his full-time work with ANCOP Canada when he became the chairman of the international council of Couples for Christ in 2010. He was assigned to the Philippines as full-time worker at CFC Global for over 3 years. Prior to joining ANCOP and CFC, Ricky was a successful businessman. He holds a degree in Bachelor of Commerce.

Ricky and his wife Irma are both passionate about the work for the poor. For Ricky, he finds life’s meaning in ANCOP as he helps the poor. He believes that this is his calling – to serve those who have less in life. Ricky shares this passion to countless people as he visits areas around Canada and around the world. He inspires individuals and groups to support the work, participate and make a difference. For Ricky this is a satisfying and fulfilling experience.


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Jimmy Arzadon


Jimmy has been in the ANCOP board for almost one year. He is a member of the CFC Canada national council. He is the area head of CFC Vancouver.

Jimmy currently works as an IT consultant.

Jimmy has been working as an IT consultant for the past 20 years in various industries including telecommunication, hospitality, distribution, health and others.  Prior to coming to Canada, he worked in the logistics services for a hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  He holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering.

Jimmy’s inspiration comes from his father who is a lawyer, dubbed “poor man’s lawyer” during Jimmy’s childhood days. It was instilled in Jimmy’s mind the importance of helping the poor and not expecting anything in return. It is the joy of giving that counts most – a legacy that he has adopted for his family. Jimmy and his wife Liza have been consistently supporting ANCOP’s shelter and CSP programs. Having been to different ANCOP sites and meeting the beneficiaries has enhanced their conviction in sharing resources to the less fortunate.


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Eduardo Clarito, Jr.


Eduardo has been a member of the ANCOP board since 2013. He also sits in CFC Canada national council as member. He is the regional coordinator of CFC eastern Canada and country coordinator of CFC Kenya in Africa.

Currently Eduardo works full time with CFC Canada.

Eduardo had previously worked closely with the garments industry. He holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering.

Eduardo has special interest in helping poor children get a good education because he himself experienced difficulties in sustaining his schooling due to financial limitations. He had to work hard selling various products to earn for his daily allowance. For him working as a volunteer for ANCOP is his way of sharing his time for the well-being of the poor. Eduardo and his wife Malou oversee the ANCOP programs in Kenya where Malou is the ANCOP coordinator.

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George Fournier


George has served at the ANCOP Board for over 2 years. He is also a member of CFC Canada’s national council.  He oversees CFC Canada’s various family ministries.

George is currently employed as team lead for finance with Enmax Power Corporation in Calgary, Alberta.

Prior to Enmax, George was a financial controller for various private and public companies in Canada for over 10 years. He was previously a senior auditor for an accounting firm in the Philippines. George is a certified general accountant and a certified public accountant.

George and his wife Evelyn share the same love of service to people especially the poor. They recognize that they are blessed in life, and the ability to serve those who have less is a precious gift as well.

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Arnel Simbulan


Arnel has been in the ANCOP Canada board for 4 years. He is a member of CFC Canada national council. Currently he is CFC’s central Canada regional coordinator.

Arnel works as Quality Assurance Group leader at Canadian Tool & Die Ltd. in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Previously Arnel worked at Paper Mills, Inc. in the Philippines as mechanical engineer. He had also a stint with Frans Asia Engineering Consulting Firm as a mechanical design engineer. He holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Arnel believes in ANCOP’s mission of “bringing Christ’s transforming love to the poor” and he wants to give back his life’s blessings. He and his wife Marivic have always supported ANCOP and have led volunteers in their area to embrace the work with the poor.

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Francis Yap


Francis has been in the ANCOP Canada board since 2013. He is also sits as member of CFC Canada national council. Currently he is CFC’s coordinator for Greater Toronto Area.

Francis works full time with CFC Canada.

Previously Francis held a secular job with the accounting division of Centric Health in Toronto. He used to work full time with ANCOP Canada as part of the accounting team.

For Francis and his wife Jessie the best part of being involved in ANCOP is learning to embrace the calling to help the poor. Knowing that they are able to share God’s blessing to the least of the society is a joy to them especially when the beneficiaries become successful. He envisions that the help ANCOP provides to the poor will ensure support for the next generation of people especially the children in need of education.

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