Canadian Dignitaries Visit ANCOP Canada Sites in Paranaque City

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Canada and Philippines had already built a strong and friendly relationship, with a pronounced close cooperation in different areas that are vital in improving each other’s welfare as a nation; such as in good governance, human rights protection, mutual international peace, funding assistance, and many more. The number of Filipino migrants in Canada had also increased through the years, with over 800,000 Filipinos all over Canada today, thus, building a stronger bridge for both nations.

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Last August 23, two dignitaries from Canada made a visit to the Philippines where they included an ANCOP Canada site visit in their itinerary. They visited both an on-going and existing sites in Parañaque City, Metro Manila. Members of the Parliament in Manitoba Kevin Lamoureux and his daughter, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba for the ridings of Burrows Cindy Lamoureux, had the chance to personally see ANCOP sites that were partnered with Rotary Homes Parañaque. They were eagerly accompanied by CFC ANCOP Canada Country Coordinators, Bro. Raymond and Sis. Manette Asero, CAGFI Community Development Head Bro. Ric dela Rosa, Former Rotary Club of Parañaque East President Bro. Rene Aquino, and other members of the Rotary.

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They first made a visit to CFC Ancop Rotary Community PAR1 in Brgy. La Huerta, Parañaque City. The visitors were welcomed by St. Andrew Rotary Club of Parañaque President Jose Vinta, which was also facilitating a dental mission to students of their community Daycare Center. Kevin and Cindy were truly delighted with the warm welcomes of the students, parents, and home partners that they met. Jose Vinta also proudly presented several developments in the community including a municipal-sponsored Library.

After their quick visit to the first site, they proceeded to an on-going site in Brgy. Moon Walk which will be named Rotary-CFC Ancop PAR 2 St. Paul Homes. In this site, which is beside a creek, 32 houses funded by the Rotary and ANCOP are currently under-construction. The dignitaries were welcomed with the kids singing a Filipino folk song, “Bahay Kubo.”

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Kevin told the current residents in the area that because of a large Filipino community in Canada, especially in Manitoba, Winnipeg where there are over 35,000 Filipinos, things that are happening in the Philippines also affects the people in their country. This is why he assured the residents that the people in Canada also wants to see them do well. Kevin reminded them, “always have hope, always strive to have stronger faith, believe in organizations like the Rotary and ANCOP, because they can make a difference in your life.”


They also made a visit to several houses, personally checking the living conditions of the residents that are hopeful to have better homes through this housing project.


After their ANCOP sites visit, they were invited to a lunch where they were given a chance to share some remarks regarding this experience. Kevin told the group that this was his first time to have such kind of tour in the Philippines, where they visited ANCOP sites. It was a good experience for him as it allows him to involve himself first-hand that will make him talk about it more, especially to the people of Canada. Cindy also expressed her gratefulness for the generosity and hospitality of the families that allowed them to visit their homes. She also had a good time with kids from both sites, as she is taking an active part in learning about children and finding ways how to make their education better.

These kind of interactions of both countries are truly great addition to the strong foundation that Canada and Philippines already have. CFC ANCOP is also hopeful that more people from Canada, and other parts of the world, would continue to reach out to our poor brethren in the Philippines. (CFC ANCOP Communication /pmb)




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