The Story of Caro

Caroline Achieng a mother of three children, who experienced hardships in life but with the help CFC(Couples for Christ) ANCOP Canada through their Child Sponsorship Program was able to make her children attend to school and now doing well. Her story can also be your inspiration to help and support ANCOP in their mission to Answer the Cry of the Poor.

ANCOP Canada embraces the work of The Nazareth House, home for Kenyan orphans

Lilian Waithira Ikuro had a dream of a children’s home where vulnerable, disadvantaged little souls would be cared for, loved and nurtured to be independent and fully functional members of society.  This was 2003.  Today, this is not a dream anymore as Lilian and The Nazareth House have become a haven to young people, mainly orphans, who are in dire need of home and support to go on with life.

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