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Diary of Bro Ricky Cuenca in Africa

After all the experiences in Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia, Bro. Ricky Cuenca left with a solemn promise that he will do everything to alleviate the condition of these children. ANCOP CANADA will set the fire ablazed in AFRICA by working hand in hand with the dioceses for the evangelization and work with the poor, the total completion of the CFC mission.

ANCOP Canada Scholar Tops Her Class in Kenya

Meet Pricilla Uathimo Muinde.

Pricilla Kenya Scholar for ANCOP Canada
A sweet 7-year old girl from Kenya. She was named after the friends of St. Paul, tent makers and saints, Pricilla and Aquila. Her second name Uathimo is a Kiswahili word which means blessing. At the end of the first semester of this school year, she became No. 1 in her class, a feat she has long been wanting to achieve.

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