Celebrating 20 Years of ANCOP Walk: A Triumph of Compassion

The 20th-anniversary celebration of the ANCOP Walk unfolded as a remarkable testament to two decades of compassion, community building, and global outreach. Over 5000 walkers and ANCOP advocates participated in the ANCOP Walk in 15 key Canadian cities nationwide, last August 19 and 26, from Victoria in the West, all the way to Newfoundland out east.

In the heart of Winnipeg, over 600 walkers, generous sponsors, and a vibrant atmosphere filled Assiniboine Park with unity and purpose. Eight CFC chapters & Family Ministries showcased solidarity during the 2.5-kilometer stroll, marking a milestone in our shared journey. Special recognition was given to past leaders, sponsors, and partners, including The Vickar Automotive Group. Exciting news about upcoming musical fundraisers and a generous donation of $25,000 from Larry and Tova Vickar emphasized our unwavering commitment to ANCOP’s mission of eradicating poverty.

Winnipeg’s ANCOP Walk was featured in a Filipino newspaper in Winnipeg

Meanwhile in Calgary, the 20th Anniversary of the ANCOP Walk was marked by prayers answered and a strong sense of community resilience at North Glenmore Park. The event drew 630 participants, demonstrating God’s blessings and the community’s determination. Despite economic challenges, the organizers showcased creativity and resourcefulness, with a creatively improvised stage and ongoing sponsorships totaling $21,000. The event served as a heartwarming testament to CFC / ANCOP’s work for the poor, illustrating how ANCOP positively impacts lives and fosters dignity and transformation for both the impoverished and those privileged to extend support.

A collage of photos of Calgary’s ANCOP Walk in Glenmore Park. A group photo of some participants on the top. The ANCOP Booth on the bottom left. The walk proper on the bottom right.

In the Greater Toronto Area, the 2023 ANCOP Walk at Centennial Park in Etobicoke was a celebration of warmth and festivity. The day began with a Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. William Mbugua, the Couples for Christ Adviser for Greater Toronto East Spiritual. The park transformed into a lively hub of belonging and unity, with chapter booths showcasing various activities aligned with their agendas. The overarching purpose of the gathering was a collective commitment to supporting and raising funds for the less fortunate, exemplifying a harmonious blend of celebration, community engagement, and dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

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In a dazzling display of color and camaraderie, Vancouver celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the said activity in Mardi Gras Festival-theme. They had welcomed approximately 800 attendees to a jubilant celebration. Guests of honor included Vancouver MLA Mable Elmore, Mayor Mike Hurley of Burnaby, and Councillors Maita Soriano and Ken Lee, along with three reigning Filipino-Canadian beauty pageant winners. The festivities kicked off with a heartfelt prayer led by CFC IC Bro Ricky Ysonza, followed by opening remarks from Mission Head to Nigeria Bro Jimmy Arzadron. Fourteen sponsor booths brought the carnival spirit to life with games and prizes, while 20 booths from CFC Chapters and Ministries showcased the organization’s diverse initiatives. The event reached a peak with lively band performances, Zumba presentations, and the energetic Aklanon Band leading the parade of Walkers, turning the celebration into a memorable extravaganza that echoed the spirit of Mardi Gras.

A video of the 2023 ANCOP Walk Vancouver in Central Park

As we reflect on these moments of triumph, let us carry forward the spirit of compassion, unity, and dedication to making a positive impact. The analogy of transforming a wasteland into a home mirrors ANCOP’s role in changing lives through its Community Development Program.

Thank you for being an integral part of this journey. Together, we continue to spread hope and harmony across Canada!




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We effectively communicate our work, generating awareness and interest on the plight of the poor, spurring a meaningful response to their needs.
We help transform the lives of poor children & their families, helping restore hope and dignity.

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