CFC Victoria Finds a Community to Build

ANCOP Canada has partnered with Vincentian Missionaries Social Development Foundation, Inc. (VMSDFI) in the Philippines. The project will help build homes for families displaced by typhoon Haiyan in 2013 in Bolusao, Lawaan Eastern Samar.

Bro. Ricky Cuenca, President-ANCOP Canada (middle) and Fr. Gerald Borja CM, head of VMSDFI (Right) after the mass during their meeting in Manila last April 3rd

In 2015, two years after the devastating typhoon, 80 families organized themselves to start a savings scheme to purchase a parcel of land.

VMSDFI recognized the need of these displaced families and so  in 2017, they commit to  help the families to pay for the amortization  of the lot.

Meanwhile, in Victoria BC, the community of Couples for Christ (CFC) have long been looking for a community to sponsor for an ANCOP shelter program. It has been their  desire to have a “CFC Victoria ANCOP Village”.

God orchestrated everything, He heard the desire of CFC Victoria and the cries of the families in Bolusao, Eastern Samar. Bro. Jun Razal, Victoria ANCOP Coordinator, who was a Vincentian alumni, received a Facebook message from Fr. Gerald Borja, C.M., Director of VMSDFI. Fr. Borja was looking for donors for the

sixty (60) homes to be built in the Bolusao project. With the blessing of Bro. Ronnie Dillera, CFC Victoria Area Head, a partnership with VMSDFI was proposed to Bro. Ricky Cuenca, the ANCOP Canada president.

Last April, the partnership between VMSDFI and ANCOP Canada was finalized through Bro. Ricky (ANCOP Canada) and Fr. Gerald (VMSDFI). ANCOP Canada commits to support the housing project in Bolusao, Eastern Samar while Fr. Gerard, on the other hand gave his approval and full  support to Couples for Christ to hold  a Christian Life Program in his parish, as well as in the other communities that VMSDFI are building.
CFC  Victoria has committed to build five (5) of the 60 homes in Bolusao this year.  The  proceeds of the 2019 Victoria ANCOP Walk will go to the said project.