Child Sponsorship Program

Community Caretakers & Guardians

Caretaker and guardian visiting sponsored child

Community guardians are at the heart of the ANCOP CSP operational effectiveness. These community guardians live among the families of sponsored children, or are in close proximity to the CSP sponsor sites--- they know the people in the community; they have strong leadership capabilities, and are truly committed to the well-being of the sponsored children and families. The guardians periodically visit the homes of the sponsored children, see how they are doing, and ensure that the sponsored children get the appropriate funding for tuition, school supplies and basic nutrition. They also monitor the adherence to the required reports, child letter-writing, status updates and APRs (annual progress reports). The community guardians are the unsung heroes, tirelessly giving their time to resolve day-to-day issues. They are physically and emotionally invested in the communities they cover, in keeping with the true spirit of servant leadership.

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Today the peoples in hunger are making a dramatic appeal to the peoples blessed with abundance.
- Pope Paul VI

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