Child Sponsorship Program


The ANCOP Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) provides funding for school or community based educational curricula for poor kids in depressed and marginalized communities. It aims to rebuild hope, allows opportunities for personal growth and development, and provides assistance to indigent, deserving children and youth for a formal or alternative educational program. In addition, the program provides other basic social services like health & hygiene, values formation & spiritual enhancement, and ensures close parental involvement. Parental and institutional integration and active involvement are a vital element of this holistic ANCOP child education program.

The sponsorship of the scholar is for a minimum period of one school year for elementary, high school and college. Thereafter, child sponsorships may be extended, subject to a formal agreement between ANCOP International Canada (AICI) and the partner institution or organization, until the scholar completes his or her educational program level.

ANCOP sponsored scholars are sent to modestly priced local public or private schools, colleges and universities for the child’s education. The sponsorship fund is allocated to the educational needs of the scholars, including tuition fees, school supplies, food and transportation allowance. These provisions help ensure that the child’s health and hygiene are satisfactory, and that the children are physically fit to attend school. Parental and institutional involvement also helps motivate the child to attend school and its activities regularly.

The ANCOP CSP program is also geared to addressing social problems, by giving indigent high school, out-of-school youth, reformed juvenile delinquents, drug addicts, gang members, and rescued abused children a second lease on life

The ANCOP CSP also targets scholars who are gifted or deserving youth in depressed and marginalized communities, to pursue their dreams of obtaining further education through a vocational, technical, trade or college and university educational program that will give them opportunities for gainful employment.

ANCOP International Canada also partners with orphanages, religious institutions, government and non-government organizations whose philosophy and operations are supportive or complementary to the ANCOP program.

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Within the community of believers there can never be room for a poverty that denies anyone what is needed for a dignified life.
- Pope Benedict XVI

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