Community Development Program

Holistic Beneficiary Benefits

Recipients of the Community Development Program receiving Beneficiary Benefits

ANCOP Community Development Program (CDP) beneficiaries enjoy the following benefits:

1. Community Healthcare

The ANCOP CDP beneficiary becomes part of a community that fosters good health, through health-related interventions and various health and sanitation activities: a monthly feeding program, tools and techniques for planting organic vegetables and harvesting produce, access to a medicinal garden, visiting medical and dental missions. The beneficiary also gains access to the Municipal Health Center for visits or consultation with a doctor, nurse or midwife.

2. Livelihood Programs

The ANCOP beneficiary benefits from all community economic programs aimed at generating new enterprise skills and gaining supplemental income, such as: techniques in basic food processing and packaging of snacks, baked goods and frozen meats; chicken and hog raising; community savings programs for setting up a neighbourhood variety store; basic technical skills in hairdressing, manicure, massage therapy for quick employment or small-business development; capacity-building for knowledge / technology-based jobs in programming, IT, computers, and basic accounting.

3. Social Services

Each ANCOP CDP beneficiary is given appropriate information and access to government services, such as disaster risk reduction programs, depression and mental health cases, drug rehabilitation, diabetes and blood pressure monitoring, and vaccinations. The ANCOP home member is assured of the ability to avail of these services when the need arises.

4. Community Socials and Recreation

The ANCOP CDP beneficiary enjoys various sports & cultural activities and social events run by the community “Sports and Recreations Brigade”, to deepen cultural awareness, stimulate member interaction, foster neighbourhood closeness and a civic-minded spirit.

5. Home Maintenance Services

The ANCOP CDP beneficiary adheres to, and reaps the benefits of, a utilities operations and maintenance framework to optimize the use of community utilities, both water and electric power, and home repairs and maintenance. The CDP beneficiary also benefits from, and participates in keeping the surroundings clean and hygienic, based on a clear framework managed by a “Cleanliness and Beautification Brigade” covering cleaning events, recycling and garbage collection / disposal, rules against vandalism, and proper decorum and etiquette outside one’s home.

Love for others, and in the first place, love for the poor, in whom the Church sees Christ himself, is made concrete in the promotion of justice.
- Saint John Paul II

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