Community Development Program

Building a Model Community through the ANCOP Neighbourhood Association

Beneficiary of Neighbourhood Association

The ANCOP Neighbourhood Association is a community organization united behind a common purpose, working for the common good, and relying on one another for support and strength. The ANCOP CDP beneficiaries come together to bring to life and fulfill the Neighbourhood Association’s mission, vision and values.

With a view to achieving a model community, the ANCOP Neighbourhood association is guided by a Seven-point Vision:

1.A Faith Community
The ANCOP community fosters relationships based on the Christian values of love, respect, mutual reliance and preferential concern for others. This community is bound by a common love for God, which then finds expression in love of neighbour, and a genuine caring and respect for others in need.

2. A Community of Peace
The ANCOP Community nurtures peaceful co-existence with its members, as well as with other communities, regardless of their religious, social and cultural beliefs. Conflicts and misunderstandings are discussed and resolved amicably, based on the values of truth, justice and love, inculcated during the values formation tracks. There is a well-defined framework for settling differences with one another.

3. Beautiful and Clean Surroundings
Priority is given to keeping the community clean and orderly, not simply for basic habitation, but to create a positive atmosphere and vibrant mood that would be inspiring to other communities. An ANCOP community that fosters natural beauty through landscaped surroundings and light-coloured homes, creates civic-minded and energized community members who promote an uplifting attitude and who value the common good.

4. Productivity
Human and natural resources are developed and harnessed, to tap the full potential of the community, through self-sufficiency and livelihood programs.

5. An Environment-friendly Community
The ANCOP Community undertakes key procedures to preserve and maintain the environment, in keeping with our Christian responsibility to be good stewards of God’s creation, as well as our responsibility to our neighbour to foster good health. Proper waste management and disposal, basic gardening and cleanliness procedures are respected and practiced by all community members.

6. Community Empowerment
ANCOP community members learn to trust one another’s capabilities, actively promote the objectives and projects of the Neighbourhood Association, set up training and orientation for new community members, and pull for each in time of need.

7.Community Security
Each family member of the ANCOP Neighbourhood Association awarded with an ANCOP home, has security of tenure provided they adhere to the rules of the community, and concretely share in the responsibilities of the association in living up to the ANCOP mission and vision. Each community member should be actively engaged in promoting peace and harmony in the community, and avoid activities that would compromise the safety and security of the ANCOP community.

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Among our tasks as witnesses to the love of Christ is that of giving a voice to the cry of the poor.
- Pope Francis

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