An Easter Message from ANCOP Canada President, Ricky Cuenca

Ricky Cuenca Easter Message 2018

Message from the ANCOP Canada President

Hello dear brothers and sisters in ANCOP!


This Easter calls for a celebration!

In the months of February and March we carried the cross of Christ joyfully in Florida, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Bermuda and Toronto sharing the Key Result Areas (KRAs) thru our Loving the Poor Seminar.  The seminar workshop is a tremendous gift to actualize love of God and love of neighbor. Faith in Action.

The result of Loving the Poor Seminar is amazing in the resurrected energies and passion of CFC leaders across USA,Canada and Bermuda.

Our actions of mercy, compassion and caring for the poor in the Key Result Areas (KRAs) touched the hearts and minds of CFC leaders.  That communication has been shared and we are setting the world on fire!

In resurrecting passion and concern for the poor, we thank the Lord for Canada’s leadership in serving the poor and in global evangelization.  This leadership role to bring Christ love for the poor is yours and mine together.

The poor becomes more and more, our hope for salvation to mankind. Answering the cry of the poor comes to us through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

It is wonderful to see how the poor meets Christ in our joy of loving the poor.

It is a gift to give wholeheartedly, to feel the joy of loving the poor.  And indeed a beautiful Easter gift.

A very happy Easter to you and your families!

Your brother in Christ,

God bless,
Ricky Cuenca