Edmonton gift giving warms kids’ hearts at ANCOP villages

What had been a Global Day of Service local initiative in the city of Edmonton became an outreach that benefitted poor kids in the Philippines as Couples for Christ (CFC) Edmonton sent gifts to ANCOP villages.


Over 50 kids at the ANCOP Edmonton Village in Paranaque south of Manila went festive when they received surprise Christmas gifts from CFC Edmonton, Alberta. The kids in Avanai ANCOP Village got the rest of the gifts.

According to Stephen and April Tamayo, Kids for Christ (KFC) Coordinators of Edmonton, this project was a joint effort of KFC Edmonton and CFC South 2.

“We have been tasked to take the lead in CFC’s participation to the Global Day of Service event done yearly in Edmonton,” they shared.

Every year the group embarks on a local initiative with the aim of reaching out to the needy in the city. In 2014, they prepared gift packages containing personal items for basic use and distributed these to people in need in Edmonton. It was a fulfilling day for those who participated having experienced the joy of kindness to the street people, elderly, and even those with disabilities.

“For 2015, we decided to make our effort global,” April said. KFC South 2 took on the leadership, with the full support of CFC South 2 community. “The kids and the youth were enthusiastic about the project! They actively helped in soliciting and wrapping of donated items.”


According to Russel and Dhez Nacional, CFC ANCOP South 2 Coordinators of Edmonton, the CFC community went all out to do the campaign through Social Media especially Facebook.


“Our brethren responded well and many brought in books, stationery, toothbrushes, towels, bath soap, hair clips, pencils, and other items that a kid would enjoy,” Dhez shared.


“Others donated slightly used toys and clothing, as well as boxes and gift wrappers.”


To ensure that there would be gifts for kids in various age groups, the organizers provided donors a reference list.


For the donors, it was a joyful experience of having shared their blessings to those who have less in life; for the ANCOP kids, it brought smiles and happiness as they got affirmed that people in other parts of the world genuinely care about them.

By Edna Garrucho