The 3 Gifts that Education Brings to the Community

The price for Education may be expensive but not having it costs more. The ones who will pay for the cost are not only the ones without education but also those around them. But with all the expenses and sacrifices people give out to pay for education, what does it actually give to the greater community?

Here are three things that education gives back to the community that is often unquantified and thus overlooked as being unexistent.

Education gives Confidence.

Education allows children to gain confidence. It is this confidence that gives scientists, doctors, engineers, educators, and nurses to pursue knowledge and improvement in their fields. Without confidence brought about by education, what we will have is a generation of can’t-do.  A world with a can-do attitude can only be made possible through an educated world.

Education reveals Hope.

Hope although truly valuable for anyone is not something that can be taught in a day or two. It is experienced and grown slowly in educated minds. Why? Because only the educated mind can go beyond the current realities and dreaming for a better tomorrow.

Orison Marden has it well put into words, “There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, no tonic so powerful as expectation of something tomorrow.”

Education brings Peace.

Peace is the ultimate fruit of education. Since education allows for people to be more understanding of languages, cultures, values, and preferrence, it can help create that initial bridge for true peace. It is the same understanding that allows improved sharing of natural resources that stops the senseless wars.

The ignorance of one or a few does not only result to petty fights on streets and in their homes. These petty fights, like wildfire, grows and breeds more fights, ultimately growing to become wars between communities and then between nations. If then we strive for peace in the world, then let us push for more education to the less educated and less previledged parts of the world.

There have been many things spoken about education but this one by Confucius sums up the wonderful fruits that the community reaps when it educates its people.  “Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.”

Your support to Answering the Cry of the Poor through the Child Sponsorship program has not helped a lot of children like them to get a better shot at life but you have also helped their families, the communities that they are in and the world that you are in to be more peaceful.

“Glory to God in the highest and peace to all men of good will.” – Luke 2:14