Grateful to Start the Year : A Meet Up with Two ANCOP Canada Child Scholars

The current Service Program of Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) was also a great opportunity for Bro Bernie Consul, ANCOP GTA East Sector Head, to have a reunion with their scholars who also reside near the ANCOP Canada Village in Our Lady of Banneaux in San Mateo, Rizal.

Spending time with them, on behalf of Sis Belen Consul was an experience for Bro Bernie. He relates his experience as a “touching and memorable bonding experience not only for the scholars but most especially for me”.

He recorded a short video to introduce the two scholars and their dreams and ambitions. Please watch.

His message to all child sponsorship sponsors is for them to get in touch with their scholars, “I encourage every brothers and sisters in CFC, if you have a scholar and happen to be in the Philippines: do arrange to meet your scholar. It will be a life changing experience for you scholar, and you will feel good that you made Ancop as your charity of choice.”

ANCOP Canada office can arrange meet ups through our office in Manila. This is a program that ANCOP has been doing for a decade. In 2017, we were able to reconnect and have visits which were covered through this blog.


Lastly, Bro Bernie has a great advice. “I always say to people I meet: “If you save one poor child from poverty and if you are able to give hope to that one poor child, our Lord Jesus Christ will reward your passport to His heavenly Kingdom where we will all end up one day. Happy New Year to all and may all the blessings of the new year be with us all!”

Praise and Glory to God and blessings to you Bernie and Belen Consul.

Bernie and Belen Consul and their family, have been great advocates for the poor. They currently hold the position of ANCOP Canada GTA East Coordinators. Michael Consul, the leader for the Service Program of TCDSB is their son.

What a great family who loves the poor!