Groundbreaking of CFC-ANCOP Bermuda Village in Buguey on Canada Day

When it Rains, It Pours!

Barely ten months from the time 35 houses were awarded to the poor families of Villa Leonora, GOD continues to pour his graces to His children, especially the least, the lost and the last.

A new community of 30 more houses will soon rise within the Buguey Resettlement Site in sitio Tambuli, barangay Villa Leonora. These are the donations of CFC-ANCOP Bermuda to the poor families not only in that barangay but also from the other barangays of Buguey. These will be constructed adjacent to the existing, and now fully occupied, 35 units that were donated by CFC-ANCOP of Mississauga West, Ontario, Canada in September last year.

Groundbreaking Ceremonies in Buguey
The groundbreaking for the new community was on July 1, 2015 (Sunday) at 10:00 o’clock in the morning.
Barangay Chairman Percival Taloza, Mayor Lloyd Antiporda, and Bro Ricky Cuenca sign the Memorandum of Agreement

A tripartite Memorandum of Agreement was signed by Barangay Chairman Percival Taloza, Mayor Lloyd Antiporda, and Bro Ricky Cuenca, President of ANCOP Canada, and a member of CFC International Council. The MOA spelled out the respective involvement and participation of the municipal and barangay governments and CFC-Ancop in the joint housing project.


The activity was also attended by municipal and barangay officials, members of the print and broadcast media and local CFC members.


With Ricky Cuenca were Raymond and Manette Acero, Boy and Celia Nunez of Ancop Manila and AGT leaders Elmer and Lita Cadiz. The blessing of the cornerstone was done by Rev. Fr. Federico Fabian, parish priest of Saint Anne Parish.


We Bugueyanos, our leaders and CFC members, most especially the new homeowners, owe this “ Answering The Cry of the Poor “ to the unselfish dedication of Ricky Cuenca who was called by God to be His instrument in bringing glad tidings to His children in this part of the country. This project is the first and only such shelter project of CFC-Ancop in the northeastern Luzon region.


In addition to Ancop’s shelter program, 46 children of poor Bugueyano families are now enjoying the benefits of the Child Sponsorship Program with funds coming from Ancop members of Canada.


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Chief Steward
CFC-Ancop Mississauga West Tambuli Community