Helping the Poor is Giving them Hope

“I will be strong in suffering and have hope in Jesus. I should reach out to the poor.”

These are my personal declarations after  hearing the powerful talks at “Lift Jesus Higher Rally” last March 2, 2019 at Metro Convention Centre, Toronto. It  is an annual  rally  of Catholic Charismatic movement that aims to help Catholics  rekindle  their faith and deepen their relationship  with  God.

ANCOP Advocate

As an advocate of  ANCOP, the event  inspired me to love  the  poor  like  Jesus. The powerful talks and the homily of Cardinal Collins at mass renewed my spirit. The speakers challenged us that if want to follow Christ, we  have to embrace suffering just how  Jesus  embraced  His suffering at the cross. But we should suffer with Christ, it is only through  Him that we can be truly victorious  in the midst of our suffering.  It was  also emphasized that our sufferings are never wasted because through  our sufferings, we  will grow to be more compassionate towards others especially those who are in the peripheries.

ANCOP Canada   have been invited to not just  attend the event but also, to participate in the exhibit. It  was a great opportunity for us to promote ANCOP in a more personal level, we shared to them  what we do in our work for the poor and why we are doing it.  The ANCOP booth allowed us to not just talk about ANCOP  but it connects us to more people. I am hoping that by sharing  to them what ANCOP is, I was able to inspire others to be more involved in helping the poor.

“Our battle belongs to God,  there is always HOPE”.

This is one of  the many takeaways  I have from that event. There is always hope in our lives, as long as we remain in Christ  and  share our suffering with Him. There is always hope  in this world  as long as we continue to reach out to those who are in need and share Christ to them – the Source of our hope.


I left the event  thinking of the poor, they who have nothing to eat and no roof on their heads. Then I looked at my own life and acknowledged what I have. I am  privileged with having more than what I need. I am  blessed to have the  time, talent and treasure to share to others. I have the means to give hope so others will continue  believing that there is something to hope for in their lives.

No man is an island, no man can stand alone. Let’s give  others a chance to live  with hope. Let us  share God’s blessings to them.