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Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring a child brings valuable transformation in the child’s life and future. It brings positive change to immediate family, as well as the community. Your assistance will affect the lives of many.

Participating in the ANCOP Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) can be done in 3 easy steps:

View the list of unsponsored children under the ANCOP CSP. You are able to filter the children based on country and educational level.

The program supports children across 14 countries in different parts of the world. The program also caters to Elementary, High School, and Tertiary students, with varying donation requirements.

Preview of the children to sponsor for the Child Sponsorship Program

2. Select a child to sponsor

Each child has a personal page that briefly describes the child’s background information, family situation, as well as the child’s hobbies and interests.

This is your chance to establish your early connection with your sponsored child. You will be affecting this person’s life!

Preview of the scholar profile page for the child sponsorship program

3. Choose your payment method

Credit / Debit
Pay through a credit or debit card by clicking Sponsor Now. This will then lead you to a checkout page where you can view your list of children to sponsor. Clicking Checkout will then lead you to a payment page where you can provide your card details. Once completed, click Submit.

Bank Withdrawals
Pay through a direct bank deposit by clicking Download Form. Once the form is downloaded, complete the required information. You may either print and write on the form, or fill it up digitally. Once complete, send a digital copy to sponsor@ancopcanada.org and wait for further instructions.

For either methods, you may choose to pay on a monthly or a yearly basis.

Donation Information form for Child Sponsorship Program
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Within the community of believers there can never be room for a poverty that denies anyone what is needed for a dignified life.
- Pope Benedict XVI

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