Humanitarian Relief

Natural Disasters

Typhoon Haiyan

ANCOP International Canada is capable of providing assistance to calamity-stricken areas in Asia and Africa by mobilizing its partnerships and soliciting help from generous Canadian donors. Apart from re-building homes and providing relief goods, ANCOP Canada also initiates various vocational programs support to poor beneficiaries, who upon completion can get into meaningful trades to support community recovery, and help rebuild lives.

When the Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda disaster wrought havoc in Leyte Province in Southern Philippines, creating massive destruction to a large swathe of territory affecting thousands of displaced families, and a significant loss of poor people’s lives, ANCOP International Canada stepped in, and partnered with the SM Group, one of the top conglomerates in Manila, to build 400 homes for affected families, with ANCOP community caretakers providing values formation programs to ensure that behavioural and attitude change among beneficiaries accompanied home improvement.

Taal Volcano

In recent years, the TAAL volcano eruptions in the Philippines, south of Manila, displaced many families who had to evacuate the area, and be housed in temporary holding areas. ANCOP Canada was quick to send out relief to the volcano eruption victims.

An ANCOP CDP (Community Development Program) has been approved, kickstarting the Taal CDP Home Project.

Mother holding child

He said to them in reply, ‘Whoever has two tunics should share with the person who has none. And whoever has food should do likewise.'
- John the Baptist

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