Loving the Poor 2018 – Greater Toronto Area

Loving the Poor 2018


After the success of the 2017 roadshow around Canada, where we held the Loving the Poor Seminar in 15 areas reaching close to 2,000 attendees, we are excited to invite you to the 2018 Edition of the Loving the Poor seminar.

The 2018 LTP Seminar has a new format and more content.  We are now opening this to all household leaders and members as it forms part of the National Awareness Campaign to build awareness of CFC members on ANCOP’s  vision, mission, goals and programs and to invigorate active participation of all CFC leaders and members in ANCOP work.


In October 2016, a Strategic Planning was held to evaluate results of the 5 Key Result Areas, keeping them relevant through measurements and reviewing cascaded performance management of all KRA activities.

Stakeholders readdressed and made changes for improvements in the five key result areas and produced area plans. These area plans were consolidated into an improved National Work Plan for Operational Excellence.


During the Calgary Strategic Planning, it has become evident that CFC leadership and members support at all levels is imperative to successfully implement deliverables in the 5 Key Result Areas. The vibrant participation of CFC members require the active engagement of members up to the national council leadership. Participation of CFC leaders and members in ANCOP work at all levels is strategic to the achievement of the KRAs in the National Work Plan.


The Loving the Poor Seminar Workshop will reinvigorate and reenergize all CFC leaders and members to put focus, attention and engagement in ANCOP activities and events.


The Loving the Poor Seminar Workshop is participated by all CFC members up to the national council. It is STRATEGIC to equip all CFC leaders and members updated information on the KRA activities to know and understand their role and function in the national work plan. The seminar workshop will also rally leaders and their members to contribute to ANCOP work with the poor.


  • Worship
  • Talk by a Priest or a leader in the CFC Community in Loving the Poor.
  • ANCOP Vision/Mission and KRAs in the National Work Plan :
    • For leaders and members to achieve clarity of purpose, role and function in the delivery of the KRAs, we need to update them on the improved Key Result Areas.
    • For leaders and members to gain knowledge and understanding of KRAs and their alignment with ANCOP Vision, Mission and Values.
    • For leaders and members to focus and prioritize their contribution to KRA activities and the national work plan
  • Rally and Commitment
    • Action items in the KRAs must be well understood and embraced by all leaders and members to be effectively implemented and to achieve Operational Excellence. We will rally all leaders and members to focus their attention and participation in the delivery of the KRAs in the national work plan.
  • Equip Leaders and members with Knowledge and Understanding of ANCOP
    • We need to equip leaders and members with knowledge and understanding of ANCOP using powerful DVD on Child Sponsorship and Community Development Program.

Target Participants

The Loving the Poor Seminar Workshop is open to CFC, HOLD, SFC, SOLD household leaders and members, PFOs in the ANCOP Areas led by Area Coordinators and ANCOP Core Team and leaders of CFC Youth and KFC.




We answer the cry of the poor through effective child education and community development programs, anchored on values formation.
We generate a cadre of volunteers, witnessing to the ideals of loving God and neighbor, and putting faith into action.
We effectively communicate our work, generating awareness and interest on the plight of the poor, spurring a meaningful response to their needs.
We help transform the lives of poor children & their families, helping restore hope and dignity.

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When you donate to ANCOP Canada Shelter Projects, you help fund the materials to build low cost modest houses for poor families. You provide financial support for the education, after-school and value formation programs of children in the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Jamaica and Canada. Lastly, your donation helps provide common facilities to areas that require multi-purpose halls and education centres.

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Main Office Address:
Unit 3 – 418 Hanlan Road
Vaughan, Ontario L4L 4Z1
Tel: 905-856-8539
Fax: 905-850-7590
Toll Free: 1-877-692-6267

Email: info@ancopcanada.org

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