Message of Affirmation, Hope and Love from our Bishops in Ethiopia

Greetings from Bishop Seyyum Fransua the Apostolic Vicariate of Hosanna in Ethiopia

First of all I would like to Couples for Christ for their visits, friendship and sharing of their charism for the people, the Catholics including also non-catholics here in Ethiopia especially the Apostolic Vicariate of Hosanna. I’m also grateful to ANCOP which is really supporting, imagine from our vicariate of Hosanna, 50 Children who are practically in need of the basic support in their education, in their feeding and to grow in integrity as human being. so, I am really grateful once again and assure our prayers for the Couples for Christ and for the people in Canada who are really supporting ANCOP in answering the needs of our community. Imagine Hosanna as you may visit it looks very clean and internally and since the area is densely populated you could not see the challenges externally unless you come and visit as you are doing here yearly, so with this you are not only sharing from distance you are sharing the lives of our community here individually. That makes us one family as a Catholic.

Practically, I assure you that this Couples for Christ will also work together here in the vicariate. That is very helpful in the situation where we live many people, especially the family are separated because of poverty. you can see some of them are here and some in the middle east, the family is really not stable and the children’s are the victim because no one will take care of them. Imagine, here in Hosanna a small city you find also street children that is a challenge for the society, the church and the government. Really, you have just arrived the right time to share and to support the needy children in answering in their basic needs and we thank you and we assure you here we pray for couples for Christ, ANCOP and the benefactors being as a family and we remember you in our prayers. We take also our responsibility from our side what is necessary and be sure that whenever you come here that Hosanna Apostolic Vicariate is ready to welcome you as family because we are in the same family the Church.

Thank you. God Bless you all and assuring my prayers to all those who are really supporting us and supporting the needy children everywhere where the Catholic Church is present, Thanks you once again.

– Bishop Seyyum Fransua Apostolic Vicariate of Hosanna


Welcome ANCOP and CFC as well, We are in according to Ethiopian calendar we are in Epiphany moment of the day or season of the baptism of the Lord Jesus Christ. I will pass my greeting to all of you and to thank you in particularly those support we get to our diocese to help the children that they can really get their dignity by getting education, we are so much grateful we have seen a lot of support. The children are very happy, it gives hope for their future. Other people may not have similar needs like them, for their children they want to live better and to reach their vision they might have they might get. At the same it’s not enough that we get education and other material things but also spiritual formations, so, I’m also grateful for CFC and I hope because of you will continue helping us and

helping more children reaching out to more according to the needs of the time the needs of the individual even if you may not reach to everyone but you will reach to your capacity. and for that it is my appeal to count us in your books and in your meetings and to remember us, Im so grateful.

I assure you my prayer to you and to your supporter and may God bless you and assist you spiritually and materially. God bless you!

– Bishop of Eparchy of Bahir Dar Lisane CHRISTOS MATHEOS SEMAHUN



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  1. Espérance Habarugira

    I m so grateful to what ANCOP does for hopeless people, may God continue to bless You. I recently join CFC Burundi family, and I pray for the poor people since I m unable to help materially but I hope I could one day get means and help the needy persons because I myself was helped by others from my childhood till I finish my studies because I was an orphan.

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