Our life’s struggles can never bring us down, unless we allow them. I am Leslie-Ann Data Anabe, 20 years old, graduated at Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) with a degree of Bachelor in Transportation Management – Cum Laude, Academic Performance Awardee and Excellent Performance in the field of Specialization.


I finished my studies with flying colors but it was not an easy path getting here. My hardships in life is beyond financial difficulties, it is  more painful and complicated than that.

I came from a broken family, my parents separated when I was in grade school. Me and my sister  lived with  our father at his mother’s house. Being the eldest, it was very tough for me to witness our family breaking apart. At a young age,  I had a lot of questions running in  my mind especially when I’ve learned that my mother has her own family already. I almost questioned God on why did  He allow us to encounter such painful trials  but as the years passed by, I have learned to  accept the circumstance in our family. Fast forward to today, I am very grateful and happy to have my 2  step siblings, I love them so much. Also, I am happy to see that my parents are in good terms now, they  became friends as time passed by.

I always strive to do my best in my studies despite the many challenges.   I have encountered a lot of difficulties in my pursuit to achieving my dreams. I have  been a scholar since high school  but my scholarship in college was  not enough to provide all of my financial needs. My father’s income as a painter is not enough to make ends meet despite the fact that my mother is also helping us financially. Aside from school fees and school projects,  I get to face the my daily dilemma if whether or not I have enough money for   transportation expenses from our house to  PUP and vice versa. There were days that  my grandmother will go to our relatives to borrow money for my expenses because we don’t have enough money to sustain a day’s need – there were really days that we have nothing. Witnessing her doing that really breaks my heart.



Then one day, I heard about ANCOP scholarship program for college students. Without hesitation, I applied  and by God’s grace, I was  granted with a scholarship.  I am very grateful to be a scholar of ANCOP because the  allowance I received monthly helped me and my family a lot, it lessened the burden of my father.

My family  and all the people who supported and helped me are my motivation to strive harder to finish my studies. I want to pay back all the hardships that my parents did for me, the people who supported me and especially my sponsor who helped me unlock the key to my dreams. ANCOP is an answered prayer. Through ANCOP, I survived and surpassed college life with flying colours despite the many struggles I went through. My journey may be painful and difficult but God did not abandon me, He sent  people to help  me  reach my dreams.


I want to pursue a job that can help me provide for my family and enhance my knowledge and skills that I learned and honed in my 4-year experience in college. I want to help my parents so I can give back the sacrifices they’ve done for me. My dream is to tour them to different places and give them the best life that they could ever have. My dream for myself is to  explore new things, travel the world and experience different cultures and to sponsor any organization that helps children pursue their dreams, just like what ANCOP is doing.

I hope my story will inspire others especially my fellow ANCOP scholars.  I hope my fellow scholars will never lose hope no matter what state of life they are in. All the struggles and failures in life can make us stronger we just need to endure and persevere. And may they always believe in the goodness of people, that there will always be people like our sponsors whose hearts are genuine to help those who are in need. I hope they will remember to pass on the goodness they have received, that they too will share their blessings to others.

I am eternally grateful for ANCOP Canada and my sponsor. I will not be able to surpass all the challenges  I went through without their kind heart and generous hands. Thank you for believing  in me and trusting me. Thank you for inspiring me. Saying “thank you” is  not enough to express how grateful and blessed I am. May God continue to bless  you and your family.

I know that  I will still go through challenges and difficulties in the  future but I put my hope and trust in God, who is greater than any problems that the world can throw at me. He has been faithful to me in the past,  He will definitely remain  faithful to me in the future.

Leslie-Ann Data Anabe, 20 years old,
ANCOP Scholar

Graduated at Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) with a degree of Bachelor in Transportation Management – Cum Laude




We answer the cry of the poor through effective child education and community development programs, anchored on values formation.
We generate a cadre of volunteers, witnessing to the ideals of loving God and neighbor, and putting faith into action.
We effectively communicate our work, generating awareness and interest on the plight of the poor, spurring a meaningful response to their needs.
We help transform the lives of poor children & their families, helping restore hope and dignity.

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When you donate to ANCOP Canada Shelter Projects, you help fund the materials to build low cost modest houses for poor families. You provide financial support for the education, after-school and value formation programs of children in the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Myanmar and Canada. Lastly, your donation helps provide common facilities to areas that require multi-purpose halls and education centres.

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