Responding to God’s Call – A Day at Downtown Mission

Couples for Christ (CFC) Windsor has been involved in numerous activities as part of its service not only to the
community of Windsor but to a greater part to other areas covered by CFC. As they say

“big leaps come from small leaps.”

And CFC Windsor’s small leaps have touched the lives and inner senses of those both directly involved in the CFC community and the general public as a whole. Activities like values formation programs, prayer and teachings, fellowship, household meetings, fund raising particularly for ANCOP (Answering the Cry of the Poor) are but a few of the enriching and heartening activities we experience together as CFC family. CFC activities also include Christian Life Program (CLP), Holy week activities like pilgrimage to places to Holy Rosary Shrine in Merlin, Ontario and Martyr’s Shrine in Midland, Ontario; retreats, stations of the cross, family bonding through picnics and camping particularly in Rondeau, Chatham, Ontario; can drives for St. Vincent de Paul and Downtown Mission, Simbang Gabi (Evening Mass) at the Filipino Community Center to mention some of them.

One of the most inspiring activities CFC Windsor had this new year was the outreach at Downtown Mission in Windsor on January 5, 2019, Saturday. A number of CFC volunteers came and were divided into two groups to assist in food preparation and serving of the meal. Couples Ricky and Joy Sala, Ceasar and Jovi Cahoy, Momoy and Irma Asumen came tohelp in the preparation of food to serve lunch to around 200 people who come to the Center. Notwithstanding the heat of the huge oven, the huge paddle to mix food in large pots and casserole, the large containers to mix vegetables for the salad and the numerous vegetables that needed to be peeled and cut to smaller pieces everyone’s spirit was high. According to Pam, the staff in-charge of the kitchen, they prepare food for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, seven days a week. Cherry, one of the staff, noted that the Center is open 24 hours, seven days a week to accommodate those who need a bed to sleep or a temporary place to stay since they do not have one this time especially in this very cold weather. It is continuous work and service especially to those who are homeless and could not afford a decent meal. The other volunteers, couples Boboy and Bing Napigkit, Annette and Roy Galleposo, Handmaids Liz Ngujo and Vangie Quieta served lunch to around 200 people who came to the Center that time. Volunteers saying

“enjoy your lunch and have a nice day”

seemingly made a difference to some of them who came by after lunch to say either thank you or I appreciate your service. Some of them observed that we were wearing the same green shirt (ANCOP shirt) and was wondering what was written on the shirt. One of the volunteers, Liz Ngujo, wrote in her social media account:

“Thank you CFC for another rewarding experience today. Volunteering at the Downtown Mission makes me appreciate more the value of family, the blessings that pour in every single minute, the roof over our heads and people who pray and stick with me all the way through… it’s a very HAPPY SATURDAY for me.”

We all saw the face of Jesus in the people we served that day and the feeling of giving unconditionally and made our day very consoling. Indeed it was a rewarding, inspiring and grace filled Saturday for us.

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to the staff of Downtown Mission in Windsor for their support, assistance and understanding. THANK YOU Pam, Cherry and other staff who make a difference in the lives of people in Windsor in their own unique and simple ways.

“Come to me, all you, who labour and are overburderned, and I will give you rest. Shoulder my yoke and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Yes, my yoke is easy and my burden light.” –(Matthew: 11: 28-30).

Yes, beginning and ending in prayer, our yoke that Saturday was light, enriching and inspiring.

Written by: Mariscele Napigkit
Pictures by: Irma Asumen and CFC Members




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