Special Message from the President on the World Day for the Poor : November 19

Dear ANCOP Advocate,

The year is almost over ! How time flies! This year has been a very good year for ANCOP Canada. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all their efforts throughout the year.  The success of our mission is built on the efforts of all of you, our office staff, volunteers, donors, partners and to our beloved CFC and FM members.  Thank you for the dedication, loyalty and commitment that each one of you has shown us.

We’ve come through a year that was filled with both challenges and victories. How reassuring its been to know that we can count on all of you regardless of what faces us. On behalf of AICI please allow me to extend my personal and genuine appreciation to each and every one of you for your valuable contributions . Working with you this past year has been a pleasure and we’re proud to have you all with us.

This month we celebrate the launching of “Give Love on Christmas” as well as a new day dedicated to raise awareness for the plight and condition of the poor and to do concrete steps to answer their cry.

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November 19: World Day of the Poor

Pope Francis has designated November 19 the first ever World Day of the Poor. As Catholics we are called to care for the poor and marginalized. The Holy Father has made this preferential option for the poor a hallmark of his pontificate. Earlier this fall Archbishop Mancini invited our pastors to mark the World Day of the Poor in some intentional way. In his letter, Archbishop Mancini wrote:

This World Day of the Poor is to take place on November 19, 2017, the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time. I would like for all to take time to reflect on the Holy Father’s words and to highlight what and how each  are attending to the needs of the poor.

 It would be appropriate on this day, to highlight  the material poor but also to raise awareness and even expand the vision of who the poor in our midst really are. Poverty has many faces and it is a mark of our Christian engagement to be able to recognize the many faces of poverty.

Please pray for the poor  on November 19th and if during the week preceding the 19th, you can take up the challenge of the preferential option for the poor in any concrete way, do not hesitate to “hear the cry f the poor” and respond to it.

We offer our best wishes and happiness to you and your families as we all look forward to a successful and spirit filled 2018!
God bless,
Ricky Cuenca