ANCOP CSP Donor Meets Sponsored Child in India

“Children given a chance at education can contribute to their families, their villages, and society as a whole. By educating one child we educate a whole generation.” Sasha Almeida’s inspiring words after a trip to Orissa she considered as a rejuvenating experience. She adds, “Love can overcome the hatred, anger and destruction of the world. “

ANCOP Canada : Going to the Peripheries

ANCOP Canada has been working closely with the local churches in India. Because of this close relations,  the mission touches on the spirituality through the Eucharist and values formation, and shares the CFC culture to the 200 plus sponsored children. Ricky Cuenca blogs on his experience. 

ANCOP CSP thrives in India!

Sometime in November 2012 Archbishop John Barwa of the archdiocese of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar invited CFC ANCOP Canada to come to his archdiocese. He wanted to get the support of the lay group in helping the poor of his archdiocese in Odishia, India. A mission team from Toronto was dispatched composed by Jun and Malou Clarito and me. Being of Indian descent, my ability to speak the Indian language would be helpful when we immerse in the communities.

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