The New ANCOP Canada Website

Welcome to ANCOP Canada’s new website!

For the past months, the ANCOP team has been working on the development of this site so we can keep you well informed about our work with the poor. We want you to keep abreast of the partnerships we form, the campaigns we conduct, and the transformations of our beneficiaries that happen on the ground.

Most importantly, this site is designed to provide you, our donors and partners, updated information on the Child Sponsorship and Shelter programs.  Very soon, you will be able to do online donations as well as manage your sponsorship of poor children and/or shelter of poor families.

The new website of ANCOP Canada (home page).


We envision that this site will become a venue for interactive sharing of our insights on doing development work; why we come together to work for the poor, what inspires us to help, and how lives are transformed because of our work. Thus, we encourage visiting this site regularly.

In my visits to the ANCOP sites in the Philippines, India, Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana, I always get confronted by the harsh realities of extreme poverty. The work of helping less fortunate people out of poverty is immense.

Pope Francis, in his recent visit to the Philippines, consistently and continuously enjoined all of us to work for the poor.  With ANCOP, we are heeding his call with enthusiasm and fervent hearts. There is much work ahead of us but with your support we are moving forward with vigor to reach out to more of the poor, to help them build their lives, to bring them hope, and to convey God’s love.

Needless to say, ANCOP, as what it stands for – “ANswering the Cry Of the Poor,” is our calling.  We take inspiration from our Christian roots that Jesus is calling us to love God and to love our neighbor in need.

Let us LOVE more, HELP more, and strengthen our resolve to DO more in our effort to address the plight of the POOR.

I wish you and your families all the best for the year, and may God bless our lives and undertakings.


Ricky Cuenca
President, ANCOP Canada