Toronto Youth from TCDSB 2017 :: Day 6 – Visit to AKC in Kalookan

On Day 6, continuing the Toronto youth schedule of developing relationship with beneficiaries by visiting some old and building new relation by going to new places, there is one ANCOP Canada Village that continues to be part of the itinerary for the past 5 years – AKC or ANCOP Kapatid Community in Kalookan.

This ANCOP Canada Village was the build site for 2013-2014 Service Trip Delegates and has grown tremendously in the last 4 years.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 3.31.07 PM
TCDSB in AKC in 2015

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 3.34.17 PM

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 3.34.34 PM
TCDSB in AKC in 2017

Now in 2018, there has been so much that have happened since 2013. Quoting Michael Consul, head of the TCDSB Service Program since 2011, “Words can’t describe how amazing this community is and how welcoming they are. Playing with the kids in each village is definitely the best part of the service trip. And there’s no community that has more loving kids then AKC.”

Michael continues “This is the biggest community we visited so far. The amount of amazing kids here is unbelievable. It’s so amazing being able to see the growth of these kids in the village year after year. I always feel extremely loved and welcomed everytime I go back to AKC.”

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