Turnover of Homes not just Houses

Last  June 19, I was given the opportunity to witness the turnover of homes to the beneficiaries of Couples for Christ, ANCOP and the Rotary Foundation at Moonwalk Village, Parañaque City, Philippines.
The weather in Parañaque was really hot, compared to the weather that I am used to in Toronto, Canada. This was made much worse, as I decided to wear a black T-shirt and a sweater on that day. But despite the discomfort,  I did not regret attending such  momentous event. What transpired  that morning is difficult to put into words, because it was nothing short of a miracle. I have witnessed the amazing transformation of a neighbourhood into something truly beautiful. From a lot once occupied by informal settlers to a three-storey building that provides homes for 32 families. I was privileged  to visit the  Moonwalk Village when it  was still under construction last February.  Though the  building was barely finished at that time, I could not be more excited to see how  would it  like  when the project is completed.

The Completion

On the day of turnover,  I  was delighted to witness not just the completion of the village but on how joyful  the families are when they received their certificates that recognizes their rights to the home. Their joy was contagious that everyone present and witnessed the event  were filled with gladness.

Upon entering the building, I noticed that some of the residents enhanced the interior of their  units according to their aesthetic preference and their family’s needs. For example, one resident painted their walls with a unique pattern, and even added a second floor!

Blessing and Turnover Ceremony

A speaker in the ceremony said, “these units are not to represent a simple house, but instead a home where a family will live.” This statement resonated with me, because I come to  realize the difference between a house and a home. A house is simply a building that consists of a roof and four walls, whereas a home is a place that a family can live  and make it their own.

Furthermore, I was informed by my coordinator (Manette Acero) another great news;  further development is planned  to construct 12 additional units on site. It will be another decent home for 12 families. It is amazing what can be accomplished when we choose  to help others.

That day, I witnessed  a miracle through the generosity of ANCOP Edmonton and Couples for Christ in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who were able to raise the funds needed to create Moonwalk Village in Parañaque City.

In his short remarks, Ricky Cuenca encouraged and inspired the beneficiaries to continue serving the Lord, and to regularly attend CFC gatherings to strengthen their faith.

I honour the members of CFC Edmonton, ANCOP and  the Rotary Foundation for providing homes for 32 families, and for making that momentous event to happen.

Article by Clarence Magpantay