Why should you support ANCOP Canada?

Poor family in the Philippines holding collected bananas from the mountains
Photo by Zeyn Afuang on Unsplash

Helping the Poor

Our single-minded mission is to help the poor! There remains one inescapable fact happening all around us - the growing lot of poor people all over the world! The poor people around the world cry for help, even more during these times! We need to keep the spirit of helping the poor alive and that is what ANCOP is here for.

ANCOP envisions a world where every poor child and family is blessed, and becomes a blessing to their communities!

The ANCOP Mission is to “Answer the Cry of the Poor"!

Programs Anchored in Values Formation

The ANCOP Child Education and Community Development programs are uniquely anchored on Values Formation! Values formation and socio-cultural and spiritual enhancement are an integral and crucial part of the ANCOP child education program. This ANCOP formation helps ensure that the intellectual and technical skill development that comes from regular school attendance and completion, is accompanied with much needed behavioural and values enhancement to groom the total personality of a child - someone who is educated but also grows up to be a socially-minded citizen who has the welfare of others in mind, on top of his own personal well-being.

The ANCOP values formation program is a carefully-designed set of modules, aimed at addressing the total personal, social and spiritual development and educational progression of both scholars and their parents / guardians. This holistic approach helps ensure that the sponsored child is cared for physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

Growing Global Footprint

ANCOP international Canada is an international humanitarian organization with global ground operations in various countries in Africa and Asia.

We currently operate, and have strong partnerships, in the African nations of Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. In Asia, ANCOP International Canada is present in India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal.

And our global footprint continues to grow, as we seek to extend help to a vast pool of poor, underprivileged children.

Community Guardians in Sponsor Sites

Community guardians are at the heart of ANCOP operational effectiveness in the sponsor sites. These community guardians live among the families of sponsored children, or are in close proximity to the CEP sponsor sites - they know the people in the community and are truly committed to the well-being of the sponsored children and families. The guardians periodically visit the homes of the sponsored children, see how they are doing, and ensure that the sponsored children get the appropriate funding for tuition, school supplies and basic nutrition. The community guardians are the unsung heroes, tirelessly giving their time to resolve day-to-day issues. They are physically and emotionally invested in the communities they cover, in keeping with the true spirit of servant leadership. Community guardians’ on-site activity ensure quality of execution of the ANCOP programs on the ground!

Growing Roster of Donors, Supporters, and Partnerships

We scrupulously and conscientiously exercise prudence in managing resources efficiently. We are very diligent in ensuring that donor funds get to the sponsored children or the partner community sites in a timely fashion, and in the amounts agreed.

We ensure that our various donors and benefactors get the appropriate and timely feedback regarding their sponsored children, or their sponsored community development projects.

We are in regular contact with our partner communities in our various sponsor and project sites, making sure that our ground workers and partner institution coordinators are fully supported, to execute our ANCOP programs with excellence!

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Each individual Christian and every community is called to be an instrument of God for the liberation and promotion of the poor, and for enabling them to be fully a part of society.
- Pope Francis

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