A Special Tribute to an ANCOP Canada Advocate : Maureen Guray

Maureen Guray1
December 12th 2017 was the day when our sister Maureen Guray finally laid to her eternal rest with our Heavenly Father with a mass at Our Lady Sorrow Parish in Vancouver followed by an interment at Oceanview Park in Burnaby BC.

She will be lovingly remembered and will never be forgotten by her loves ones, families and friends.

It was November 27th when the whole community was mourning, most particularly GVA 2 West Cluster, as we have lost in our midst a beloved sister and faithful servant, Maureen Guray. Better known as “sis Mau” or “tita Mau” to her peers and CFC group, she embodied a joyful and exuberant character and everyone who’ve met her had always been captivated by her big beautiful smile. An epitome of strength and courage, sis Mau had always been an advocate for the poor. Her big heart for the less fortunate brethren is clearly manifested in her passion to continuously support ANCOP’s cause and all of the other CFC activities over the years.

During her lifetime, sis Mau blossomed in character and spirit and showed many of the fruits of the Holy Spirit– “kindness, generosity, courage, faithfulness, hope and love.” Her life was well lived, serving God through her family and community. There is no doubt that her life demonstrated Christ’s love for us which is now her crowning glory in heaven.

We will miss her. Despite the indescribable pain of loss that everyone feels, let us not forget, that today there is far more and greater celebration in heaven, because a beloved daughter has now come home in the loving arms of the Almighty Father…OUR EARTHLY LOSS IS NOW HEAVEN’S GAIN!!!